TRANSFORMING A BRAND from one level to another is always a challenge demanding observant, insight and a willingness to challenge norms. It is always an exciting endeavor to take a brand and help it fulfill its full potential, to help take it to the next level and to move it into the realm of what is unexpected and dynamic. After 3 months of hard work and great efforts with my team, we can officially announce the launch of the Rock Thomas re-brand and website design.


Check out the BEFORE & AFTER here!


Rock Thomas is a Montreal based author, motivational speaker, personal development coach, entrepreneur and real estate mogul. Already established in business and online for over a decade, this project was centred on a complete overhaul of his brand identity, and an overall streamlining of his services and coaching materials.


Rock is a busy-bee personality type, so he is constantly producing new material daily. His old site was basic and dense, we recognized that he needed a platform with a certain type of fluidity in both design and function. The addition of a newly focused and organize Social Media platform, and weekly Podcast further complements the new, lighter, and more impactful identity of Rock Thomas International.


The initial consultation with Rock was to get a sense of who he is, and the direction in which he wanted to move with his brand. By thoroughly analyzing his existing material we knew from the onset that we were going to need to retool his entire layout and content library. As mentioned, Rock is constantly on the move, and is already enthused with the use of social media. We knew that his social media was therefore going to be an extremely useful tool in reaching a broader audience. This meant that we could easily redirect much of the content that the site was carrying onto his social media platforms, and move in a more simplistic direction.


Click here to visit the website!

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“Consistently move in the direction of your vision until it becomes your reality!”
– Hal Elrod

I know I’m going to hear it from you Morning Haters, but I’ve always been a morning person. It’s never been a big deal to wake up early for me. However, I must admit that it is only recently that I’ve consciously began following a morning routine. I have noticed that since I have done so, my day is much more productive and successful.

Here is what I consider a good morning routine:

6:29 – Wake Up

My internal clock, without fail, always wakes me 60 seconds before my iPhone alarm goes off. Jubilant or groggy, I always head to the kitchen for a tall glass of water, and fire up my Moka Espresso Maker – on a good morning I’ve already prepped the espresso the night before.


6:35 – Chow time for my cat Lenny

She often acts as my alarm clock, but I love waking up to her little nose in my face!

6:40 – Visualize

I mentally walk through my priorities for the day and visualize a plan of attack. A little yoga stretching and some positive affirmations is key to having a better day.

6:45 – Breakfast and Quiet time

I check my email, social media and weather websites. I do the little things and take care of my most pressing freelance communications.

7:00 – Get Ready

Shower time and get ready for work!

7:45 – Meal Prep

Taking the time to choose and prepare healthy lunches and snacks for my day, rather than grabbing out of the pantry and running out of the door. This may seem like a mundane part of life, but really it is absolutely crucial when you consider how important your food choices are to your mood and productivity.

8:15 – On the Go

I leave for my office, and tune into the local news stations. It’s important to stay in tune with your local pulse!

9:00 – Work Day Begins

At my desk and ready to go! Get to work and write down the priorities for the day. Back to back meetings from that point forward.

Some people workout in the morning, and I’ve been getting tempted in mixing up my routine. I’d love to hear how you guys get ready to tackle your day.

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The truth is… yes, there are some benefits to working in an office. There aren’t many, but there are some. Back in the days of office life, the simplest little interactions, and the minor exchanges at break or lunch, were no doubt the best parts of working in an office. That’s not to say I don’t have great company, my boyfriend is hell-a charming and wonderful when he works from home, and Lenny; my feline/copywriter is certainly a quality co-habitant! However, when I started running my business, I certainly felt the struggles of solopreneurship. No colleagues, no social drinks after work, no managers to get advice from, are just some of the things you can miss out on when you work alone! That is one of the reasons why I wanted to write this blog to reach out to other solopreneurs.

My thoughts: I find the key to overcoming these feelings is to remain passionate about your work, and accept that it’s normal to feel isolated from time to time… I’ve learned to embrace the isolation as part of the creative process. If you find yourself feeling the blues, don’t worry here’s a short list of useful tips and tricks that really helped me overcome that feeling of loneliness.


1| Birds of a Feather

I recently became a member of a Mastermind group. Once a month, myself and a group of like-minded freelancers congregate to discuss a variety of different topics. It’s a great opportunity to bounce ideas off one another and support each other on current projects or pursuits. I strongly encourage you to reach out to other freelancers that you can chat with when you don’t know how to approach a project, or a particular situation. It’s crazy how many freelancers have had similar experiences. It’s also a reminder that yes, you and only you are responsible for your failures and your successes in this industry, but there are people out there that can give you useful insights.

2| Check in with your Overall Happiness

Remember all the reasons why you started your own company. Remember the reasons why you were miserable working for someone else. Jot them down on a piece of paper.

Now, write down all of the things that you CAN do to shake you out of you’re funk. Here’s my list: go to yoga, cook, listen to music really loud, dance, go to a coffee shop, or, just go outside! Taking on a business of your own can be stressful, but it is also crucial to constantly check in with your overall happiness and remember you call the shots, so if you want to play hookie and watch a funny movie in the middle of the day, go for it!

3| Call List

Assemble a list of people you admire and who care about you beyond whether or not you hit your deadlines or personal quotas. I have a list tacked to my board of people that I could call whenever I feel overwhelmed in business or in life. Remember I said list, don’t just have one person you call to vent to… Spread the venting out a little.

4| Alone Time is Necessary

Here’s a blunt statement: To produce an ultra creative and unique product, there needs to be an important amount of “alone time”. It’s important to feel comfortable with being alone, and I’ve noticed that it’s important to be aware of your thought process and thought patterns. For me, when I’m alone is when I’m my most creative, and the most “free flowing” with my ideas. A crucial part to this ritual is to unplug from all that is going on around you and focus. Don’t just be alone, be alone with your thoughts.

5| Switch up your Workspace

I enjoy working in the comfort of my own home, but sometimes hearing a little background noise really helps put my workday into full gear. It get’s me firing on all cylinders and keeps me on my toes. Look for spaces that are bustling with fellow freelancers or foot traffic.

Feel free to leave your comments below. I also invite you to share any great locations to work out of in the city, or other tips that help keep your workday flowing along.

Until next time, keep flying little birds :)

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For the last couple of weeks, I have been itching to finally reveal the new identity and business cards that I designed for a super talented Montreal based portrait artist, Mila. I approached Mila at the Brunch in the City networking event that I blogged about last month. In fact, to be more specific she was my inspiration for number 7 of that list: Spot a Diamond in the Rough. I was drawn to open communication with Mila because she was intently working on her beautiful portraits rather than flapping her gums, unlike those of us that were trying to drum up new business (wink, wink). Once I approached her, I was stricken by her liveliness and creativity, and I wanted to see more of her work. When I asked for her business card, she gave me a flimsy paper where she wrote her Instagram handle. I knew from that point on, I needed and wanted to help a sister out!

I followed up with her and we planned a coffee date to discuss her craft and what she wanted in a business card. From our initial design meeting, I could tell she was looking for a brand identity as unique as her own, but she also needed a business card that captured the essence of her work. She used keywords like; lively, colourful, pretty, bold, eclectic and confident to describe her business and ideal brand. With that in mind I went to work…

I started by pulling together images for the Oh Mila Mila inspiration board that I often use as a reference point when I’m designing a specialty item. I was inspired by photos that reflected confidence and femininity, and I chose a palette that was fun, fresh and vibrant with; pink and golds, and I put an emphasis on white space to achieve that clean, light tone.


From there, her signature came about organically through a brush stroke font. It’s important to remember when your designing something, not to get too far away from what the true essence of the brand is. In Mila’s case she’s a painter, and portrait artist; using the brush stroke font unconsciously creates a direct link between Mila’s services and a client’s mind.

The next aspect I considered was the need to personalize her brand to a certain extent, I also wanted to leave room for Mila to add her own flair to the cards by adding her own unique highlights. Just as in portrait work, every subject is different… It’s only right that her cards do the same. So, I used one of her favorite artworks and converted it to black and white. This concept leaves her enough artistic freedom to customize her cards before distribution. This creates a novelty business card, something that I believe will really stand out in today’s dense market.


Below you can see some of the original pieces that Mila has already taken the time to personalize using one of her many techniques, watercolour paint. What do you think blogosphere, pretty bad ass no?


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Last week, I was invited to Brunch in the City, an all women’s networking event held at the very chic Parasuco store in Montreal. This event aims to bring together Montreal’s rising independent female vendors with the city’s trendiest women and fashion enthusiasts. Sounds exciting, right? In all honesty, I did not want to go; not because I didn’t see the value in networking. In my mind, I knew how great of an opportunity this would be for my business, but there was just something, or should I say someone, holding me back. And that someone was me!

Truth be told, I’ve never attended an event like this in my life. Remember, I’m the ex 9 to 5’er turned full-time freelancer, so I’d never figuratively flexed my networking muscles…I’d never really had to. So, I automatically shied away, almost like a gut reaction. However, I quickly realized the need to break from the ordinary, try something new and show up to this event. And guess what… I did show up and it was an amazing experience!

For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by a great group of working and aspiring professionals much like myself. The experience has given me a completely different take on the importance of networking.

My thoughts: Recognize the need to erase that little voice in your head telling you to “squeeze in one more episode of the Orange is the New Black”, and instead get out there and meet some kick-ass independent ladies.

Here are the 8 major takeaways from my experience at the Brunch in the City event:


1 | Get Out of your Own Way!

When you’re given an opportunity like this to help grow your network and meet talented people, always say YES! Woody Allen was right: 80% of life is showing up. So, get out of your own way, say yes to great opportunities, because you never know what good can come out of it! Remember; History belongs to the BOLD.

2 | Bring A Friend

Let’s be honest, no one likes an arrogant person. Standing there jabbering on about how amazing you are can definitely come across negatively. Having an “evangelist” by your side helps give you a platform of reputability to stand on. However, don’t just bring any friend, bring someone who is like-minded, and that will help promote as well as encourage you.

3 | Unleash Your Inner Confidence

The important thing about networking is creating a tangible connection with people. Approach someone with confidence, introduce yourself and ask what they do for a living, or simply give them a compliment. It works wonders!

4 | Bring Business Cards

Before you leave the house you should set a goal of how many business cards you are going to give out. The trick is to make sure that you don’t give them out flagrantly. Be strategic in your pursuit for potential quality clients. Of course if you don’t have any business cards to give away, I’ll be happy to design them for you :)

5 | Don’t be a Seagull, be a Peacock!

Nobody likes Seagulls. They circle around for scraps, and rarely bring anything to the table. A Peacock however struts. – Stand out from the crowd by letting your uniqueness shine through. Choose an outfit that claims attention in the right ways. First impressions are huge in the freelance world. Wear something classy and inspiring and let your Tail feathers keep the Seagulls at bay (total pun intended).

6 | Perfect your Pitch

Have you ever heard the term “elevator pitch”? The concept is simple, your goal is to be able to explain what you do, and what value you bring forward, in the time it takes to ride an elevator from the lobby to the 10th floor. When there’s something you really want, and the capabilities to make it happen lay in someone else’s hands, the chances are you’ll be pitching for it. Know who you are and what you’re offering and get it across quickly and clearly.

7 | Spot a Diamond in the Rough

When you are networking you should always be paying attention. Observe people’s body language and see how they interact amongst each other; 90% of human interaction is non verbal. So, monitoring the room can certainly help determine who is approachable, who is open to communication and who you shouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. However, do not close yourself off to those that may be shy or introverted. Remember that the diamonds in the rough are waiting to be discovered.

8 | Follow-Up!

Let me keep this brief. Don’t let a week go by…follow-up the next day! Keep your communication short, sweet and professional. Don’t try to be a hard sell. Be real, and nurture what could potentially be a long term business relationship.

Shout out to Female Department for organizing the Brunch in the City Event.

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Internet is littered with definitions of time-management, however, none defined more astutely than Abe Lincoln. It seems he had profoundly grasped the essence of planning and time-management, both very important factors when executing one’s goals and ambition.

Every night, before I catch a couple zzz’s, I plan the next day. Maybe not to the extent as the 16th President of the United States, but nonetheless, I consider myself the President of my own life and career. Being in business for yourself requires a distinct vision of where you are headed, and with what map you are using to get there. But here’s the “catch”, time-management is as much about planning your professional life, as it is about planning your personal life.

For example; my list often includes life’s mundane tasks such as; “do the groceries”, “pay the Hydro bill”, or “call mom”… as well as tasks such as; “brainstorm logo ideas” or “increase website traffic”, “consult with new client”. Without a list, I lack a clear definition of my day, and risk the chance of losing valuable time for myself, and with my loved ones. Neglecting your inner circle while building your business tends to be the biggest mistake we make, and although it can translate into success, what is success if it cannot be shared with those you love?

Here are 5 key principles I personally use to improve my time-management skills and increase productivity.


1 | Plan the next day

Try this: Before going to bed, plan 3 things you want to accomplish the following day, as well as 3 major goals you want to accomplish that week. As President Obama puts it “Get a head start on tomorrow, tonight” (I promise my last US Presidential reference). The major benefit of having a plan of action completed the night before, is to go to bed with a sense of certainty and control about the next day. Oh, and don’t just think about your tasks…WRITE THEM DOWN! Pen and paper works wonders.

2 | Prioritize your list

Go through the list and label tasks based on priority. Tackle the important and urgent tasks first, followed by the unimportant/mundane tasks. There are many ways to prioritize your list, however I find this system creates an order for items on your to-do list instead of completing them at random.

3 | Time blocking

Here’s the challenge; In the morning, over a cup of coffee or tea, take some time to plan your day in your DAILY PLANNER before you check your Facebook or Instagram. Set a challenging yet obtainable time limit for each task before being inundated with social data. By setting a time frame for each task, you prevent meetings, projects and activities from dragging on and potentially losing too much momentum.

4 | Avoid distractions……sometimes

Death, taxes, and distractions. Three certainties in life. The key point is how well you manage them. Checking your Facebook, personal email, or surfing the web are all distractions we impose on ourselves, yet can also be a good thing. Research shows that taking a break and focusing on something else other than work can boost productivity. The key is to limit those distractions or reserve time specifically to lolly gag online.

5 | Work in short bursts of 2 hours

Productivity makes my heart happy. Working for 8 hours straight, not so much. That’s why part of my regiment at home is to work harder in short bursts of time. Focus is the essential ingredient when working on a deadline or a large task, however stepping back for a minute and returning to work with a fresh pair of eyes really helps spot imperfections you would otherwise not have noticed. Remember the Pareto principle, a.k.a. the 80/20 law: 80 percent of outputs come from 20 percent of inputs. So stay focused, and you’ll do more in less time.

Time management takes some time to get used to, however is an essential part of a well balanced lifestyle. Use your time wisely throughout the day so you can enjoy your free time with the people and activities that matter most to you. After all, how we spend our time is how we spend our lives.

Instead of wishing for more hours in the day, lets be more mindful of how we use those 24 hours.

Want help getting started?

Download my FREE DAILY PLANNER insert to organize your day. It has hourly time slots, a section to plan your dinner, an area for top priorities, a section to write out a to-do list, and a notes and brainstorming section.


What is your take on time-management? COMMENT IN THE SECTION BELOW.

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One of the questions I am most often asked as a graphic designer is: What is my favorite font? The struggle I have answering this question, is similar to the trouble I have when picking an ice cream flavour at Ben and Jerry’s. They’re all just so good in their own way! That’s why I don’t have just one favorite “font flavour” so to speak. My choices for font, like that of ice cream, so depend on the situation…. oh and budget! There are tens of thousands of fonts on the web to choose from; some free and others that cost a pretty penny… and I’m not talking an extra $1 for crushed peanuts and caramel, some fonts can cost as much as $2,000.

In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite go-to fonts available for free download. This list should add a little variety to your next masterpiece!

Serif: A serif is the little extra stroke found at the end of main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letterforms.

Merriweather || Josefin Slab || Bodoni || Garamond || Bitter || St Marie Thin || Elsie

Sans-serif: A typeface style without serifs, which are the short horizontal lines added at the tops and bottoms of the vertical member of the letter.

Raleway || Quicksand || Montserrat || Bebas Neue || Mohave || Oswald || Roboto

Feel free to explore this list, and remember that typeface is more than just a fancy way to dress up a string of words. As the great Steve Jobs often alluded to “we’ve got to make the small things unforgettable” – Steve recognized fonts as beautiful and necessary beyond their ability to form words. Ahead of his contemporaries, Jobs understood that typefaces help play a large part in the digital fabric that helps to connect people and make the user experience – the human experience.

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Have you ever dreamed of branching out on your own? Most of us have, but few of us do. The fear of giving up that steady 9 – 5 paycheck, those juicy profit share options, annual bonuses, benefits, or whatever else your crafty employers brewed up is enough to keep any talented creatives strapped to their desks FOREVER! Being just another spoke in the wheel, doesn’t have to be and/or stay a reality.

Last week I took the plunge.. I now wake up everyday to face the exciting and limitless opportunities that separate the wantrepreneurs from the entrepreneurs: I kissed my 9 to 5 goodbye to pursue my dream as a freelance graphic designer (feels so good I just had to put it in bold). Don’t get me wrong, I worked for a great company and genuinely liked and will miss some of the people I worked with. It’s just that I knew, and some of you can relate, that this couldn’t be it for me. That I couldn’t let this be what I leave as my mark on the world. I knew that it was time to step out of my comfort zone and embark on a new life experience.

The decision is scary, and I will admit left me as the recipient of a handful of sleepless nights, but in retrospect it definitely was not the hardest. I came to realize, as I walked out of my cubicage that I felt completely at ease, and in fact had been preparing myself for this leap unconsciously for so long that it felt uplifting.

If you have been tossing around the idea allow me to impart a couple of factors and tips that help empower my decisions of being a freelance graphic designer:

1 | Autonomy

Perhaps the greatest thing about working for yourself is having the freedom to call the shots, and manage your own schedule. Feel like catching that afternoon matiné, or maybe running that extra 2K at the gym? Go for it champ!

2 | Networking with other entrepreneurs and freelancers

Once you’ve made the leap you’re going to be surprised with the vast world of other freelancers and like-minded business people you’re going to encounter. The law of attraction seems to apply here, others that are uniquely working and developing their own projects will begin to enter your creative orbit.

3 | Working from home

Everyday isn’t necessarily a Pyjama party, but it CAN be! It’s true, a formal office gives many people the opportunity to remain focused, both; physically and mentally. It shouldn’t shock you however to consider the creative potential working from the comfort of your home can inspire. My tip, take the time to define a studio/workspace and stay organized, then load it with things that inspire you. Surround yourself with things that you are personally passionate about and you will find a way to make it work at home.

4 | Find a mentor

Starting your own business can be pretty difficult, that is why the right support network is crucial. Find those you can trust to be there through the hard times and be there to celebrate the wins! Equally important is finding someone more successful than yourself to help guide you through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Remember, wisdom is a direct function of time and experience. Find someone willing to impart their knowledge on you and it will pay off ten-fold.

5 | Focus

Don’t take the power of procrastination for granted. Set your intentions and then hang on to them like a rottweiler. Setting daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals will help keep you focused on the big picture and will be a road map that can help navigate you through the freelance jungle. Don’t be scared to have a conversation with yourself, keep yourself motivated, and don’t be shy to give yourself a little encouragement when needed.

6 | Eliminating the Sunday Blues

It’s true when they say: Time flies when you’re having fun. When you are working on things that matter to you, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m excited to talk to clients, work on a design project, and manage my schedule because every effort I put in to growing my company ultimately benefits me. When monday is looming I find myself excited for the week ahead. Dare I say TGIM?

What else do you like (or look forward to) about working for yourself?

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